Training Log: Deadlifts

Shoulder stretch, roller, leg stretch with bands

Warm up sets

Working sets:

375 x 5

425 x 3

475 x 1


Assistance work:

Squats BBB (70% of working 1RM):

310 x 10 x 5

Ab crunch (ball):

BW x 10 x 5




310 x 10 x 5 for my assistance squats was a killer. Had to lay down after that last set. haha

Happy to say 475 went up with relative ease; very much looking forward to testing my 1RM again at the end of next cycle.  Garage sale tomorrow morning, Cub Scout hike in the afternoon, then looking forward to seeing friends for the Vesak celebration in the park on Sunday. Good food and great people, will be a wonderful day.

“Deadlifts. My favorite!”

“Deadlifts. My favorite!”


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