Training Log: Deadlifts & Goals for the New Year

Shoulder stretch, roller, leg stretch with bands

Warm up sets

Working sets:

310 x 5

360 x 5

405 x 5


No assistance – have somewhere to be! We’re heading to the beach with some friends.


Happy to start the new year off with some deadlifts.


Goals for the new year:

Often, this time of year will  bring a ton of posts about goals for the year. I’m sure I have done a few myself over the years. I’ve thought about it lately, and decided I have exactly one goal to state for the new year; consistency. Sure, I have goals to bench this much, squat that much, and have a deadlift at this amount. Who doesn’t? But without consistency, none of that happens. I’ve proven that to myself over the years. I’ve also proven to myself that with consistency, things fall in to place. So, here’s to consistency for the New Year.

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