Training Log: Bench Press (& a new PR)

Shoulder stretch w/ band, roller

Warm up sets

Working sets:

When I was warming up, things were feeling pretty good so I got the idea in my head to go ahead and try for a new 1PM PR. Glad I did.

225 x 1

250 x 1 (this had been my working max for this cycle)

280 x 1 *PR –¬†at this point, I was feeling like I had more left, so I called my big man out to the garage and he cheered me on. Nothing like your son shouting words of encouragement to give you that little extra push.

300 x 1 *PR!


Assistance work:

more Bench Press (135 x 8 x 3 – fast reps)

Tricep push downs (red band)


Extremely pleased with a new 300 lb PR on bench! My previous 1RM was 270, quite some time ago. Bench has long been a weaker lift of mine so I am very happy with this. A great Christmas present to myself.


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