Training Log: Squat

Shoulder stretch, roller, leg stretch with band

Warm up sets

Working sets:

320 x 5

365 x 3

405 x 1


Assistance work:

Deadlift (BBB [50% of working 1RM])

255 x 10 x 5

Hanging leg raises (bent knees, need to work on these):

BW x 10 x 5



Went ok today, but squats felt heavier than they should have. Not exactly sure why, but am heading into a deload next, which will be good. That will be the end of month 1 of the Boring But Big 3 month challenge. Next month I’ll still be sticking to the exact number of reps for each working set, but upping the assistance work from 50% to 60% numbers. Yep. 

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