Scientists Discover ‘Hulk’ Protein | Medicine |

Scientists Discover ‘Hulk’ Protein | Medicine | Excerpt: “These results provide insight into how Grb10, nicknamed ‘Hulk’ protein, works, suggesting that it may be possible to alter muscle growth and facilitate healing, as the processes involved in muscle regeneration and repair are similar to those for the initial formation of muscle. “Don’t turn in […]

Welcome, Andy Lambert @uuzennie

Today, Blake, Emily B, Emily H, and I are happy to welcome a new friend to the site, Andy Lambert. Andy is someone I’ve been friends with on Twitter for a long time. He’s very open and genuine in both his practice, as well as his path to fitness.  As you can read in his […]

Welcome, Emily Helt @mindfulness108

Blake, Emily, and myself have been enjoying keeping this site together. As you can tell, our main focus so far has been the training logs, with an occasional post under each of the other topics.  Personally, I feel this is working well and I hope you are enjoying interacting with us. Today we welcome a […]

Hello and welcome

An introduction. I have always been very mind-oriented – reading, studying, meditating. But as I reach the middle years of my life, I realize that the barriers I have with relating to my body are purely mental, and to combat that I have tried many systems of body-consciousness, but nothing stuck. It all seemed so […]